Clusters 4th workshop image 1

Clusters final workshop

Linda keeps going helping to complete the cushions the group have designed. The machine hasn’t seen this much action for a while. Linda presses on the pedal and Viv helps to direct the sewing and it’s a combined effort.  Read more →

Forget Me Knots final workshop image 01

Forget Me Knots final workshop

One lady told the group, ‘I saw the Antiques Roadshow and it was about Christopher Dresser and I recognised him. I said to my husband that’s what we are doing it would never have got my attention before’.  Read more →

Contact club 3rd workshop image 1

Contact Club 3rd workshop

The group’s activities were arranged like a production line and they all co-operated to help each other produce various products including bags and greeting cards.  Read more →

RAK group photo at V&A

Visits to V&A

On Tues 14 Jan 2014 we completed the last of ten visits by participating groups to the V&A as part of the Harmony Project. Groups learnt more about the wonderful 19th century art and design collection and learnt more about the designer, Christopher Dresser.  Read more →