Clusters final workshop

The last session sees Viv work with group members to complete the sewing of their cushions, ‘You’re getting the hang of this now ok start good stop perfect we’ve only  this little bit to sew’.

Viv invites another member to have a go, ‘Are you going to make one Jimmy? Yes. What colour would you like?’ Members have different abilities something we have seen at most groups, some like the sewing machine others run away! Jimmy is doing an excellent job, his pedal control is very good, ‘Get you a job as a machinist Jimmy and Linda is good too’.

Viv helps the group with the start and stop instruction and with putting the filling into the cushions and puffing them up.The group are very industrious, ‘Start…stop. Ok let’s get going again. We’ve got a production line going. I think the sewing machine is getting tired’.

Clusters 4th workshop image 1