Contact Club Second Workshop

Contact Club 2nd workshop

Today’s session was to take the individual designs they had made in the first session and start to join these together to make a group design, colouring in their various designs: “You’ll work on the main design and some individual designs”, “oh I see, there is thinking behind this”.

In amongst the announcements for the Christmas party the group work out where they are going to place their individual designs. Some start singing Christmas carols others join in and the group continue to work on their designs. Others are working out how they can get the colour they want for their designs, “I want to do mauve how do you do it?”, “Red and orange”. Another member asks: “Can we not just keep ours black and white?” Someone else pipes up: “I don’t think anyone wants to stop, it’s very very therapeutic”.

Viv and Dorothy continue to provide suggestions for participants as they colour and design. “It looks pretty from here” a member says, another says “It’s going to be gorgeous” whilst another says: “that’s my corner” indicating the area where they intend to place their design. “Ah, poor Mavis” another says, as she tries to get her design onto the paper. Someone asks another member if they have completed, “Have you done yours?”, “I was late because of Mandela’s service”.