Croydon Young Carers Drawing Workshop

Our inspiration was a bunch of long stemmed Gerberas.  Each flower was a very bright colour – yellow, red, orange, dark cerise or pink and the stems were green.  Each flower is made up of lots of petals in overlapping circles around a dark centre.   We looked at them through a magnifying glass and took some close up photographs.

Then we drew the Gerberas in black ink using some very unusual things to draw with.  A strip card made thick strong lines. The feather gave soft broken shapes. The barbeque sticks were scratchy and stiff to use.  At the end of the first session we were amazed by the drawings on the table.

Dorothy made black and white photocopies of our drawings – enlarging some of them to twice the original size.  In the second session we cut up these photocopies and moved the flower shapes around on big sheets of white paper. When we were happy with our design we glued the shapes in place, and then using big soft Chinese brushes we painted the flowers with bright Acrylic inks.

We were working against the clock all the time but with Mubin and Bev’s help we made it!

We decided to call our fabric “Colour Vibes”.

Croydon young carers design workshop image 1