Forget Me Knots Second Workshop

Forget Me Knots 2nd Workshop

It’s the second workshop at Forget Me Knots. The group are painting their designs ‘Don’t think we ever did painting at school’, ‘We did’. The group get more and more engrossed in the activity, ‘How do I make orange?’, ‘I want a very very pale pink’. One member is sitting out maybe not quite up for designing today, ‘I am happy to watch, I am happy to see what it is all about”. Viv keeps attentive to the group, ‘That’s beautiful Betty”. One lady is painting with intensity leaning over her piece, very focused. Another has completed colouring in her first design and is on her next one. Viv has invited the lady sitting out to help with scanning the images into the computer so that Viv can later manipulate these in Photoshop to then be turned into a fabric. The lady loves the scanning task, she feels very proud she’s mastered the mouse scanner! Another lady is not sure if the colours in her scan look as she would like, ‘My pink doesn’t show in the scan’, ‘Yes, but when I put it in Photoshop it will be ok’. The group still haven’t decided if they would like scarves or cushions though it looks at this stage like scarves will be the main products the group produce. Let’s wait and see, workshops 3 & 4 will determine what’s produced!