Kingston Young Carers final workshop

For our last workshop for the Harmony Project we visited the young people for a fun packed finale. The young people were very excited to be finishing off the cushions and juggling balls they had been preparing in the previous session. It was an industrious workshop that Christopher Dresser would have been happy to witness. There were various animal designs they had created and they were now busy stuffing them and then sewing them with the help of Viv and Jess.

Some of the group were a little over enthusiastic with the stuffing, “I want a really full cushion” and when Viv was not looking helped themselves to other peoples share of stuffing as well! They were told they needed to leave some space else they could not sew.

Once they were on the sewing machine they were shown how to work the pedal. “I just want to go fast” was one response, whilst Viv and Jess guided them in the sewing and got them to take it a little easy.

“Kamini, do you want to show mum your cushion?” She nods yes. “What do you do after you have made your cushion?” “Give it a cuddle!” “Have you used a sewing machine before?” Viv asks. The young person indicates that they have with their grandmother and Viv says that they can show their grandmother what they have made.

One young person is trying to juggle the balls they have just made another is busily cuddling their cushion. The stuffing has all been used up and some of the children have gone in to the garden. It’s a lovely summer afternoon.

workshop 4 KYC 01