Mulberry Centre’s 4th and final workshop

One lady makes a case for her glasses and another prepares a cushion carefully cutting the shape and then ironing and sewing. A queue is formed by the sewing machine whilst others continue to mark out and then sew, ‘should I leave a little flap?’ There’s silence people are busy.

‘Are you ready to do a card?’ The sound of the bobbin being wound can be heard. ‘You can do stitching to enhance a card’. Another cushion is ready. ‘The cards you can take away, your products will be in the exhibition’.

The talk turns to how people learnt to sew. They agree school was not the best place and that it was often learnt through mothers and grandmothers. They also remember they didn’t go to the shops but fixed things.

Space, inspiration and freedom are what the design makes one of the participants think, ‘It’s a real sharing project’ another says, ‘there’s a letting go of ownership’. Someone else says, ‘The action of making things is important’.

Mulberry centre 4th workshop image 1