St Marks ladies final workshop is a hive of activity

Today was the last session and the ladies were finishing off the various items they had started making including bags, aprons, jewellery and cushions.

They had quickly reassembled their workshop and were very busy, ‘It’s like a work shop’ one of ladies says, and another lady replies, ‘Imagine if there was a place like a sewing centre not just internet centres. You could go for an hour and make some cushions for Nan’s birthday!’

It’s been unbelievable the transformation that has happened in a few workshops both on the group and with individual members. The ladies are buzzing and sharing jokes and laughter, ‘I own the franchise of the cushions’ and another lady replies, ‘I own the flowers you are sewing’ , her friend replies ‘It’s like the seven dwarfs’ and they share the joke.

Then the lady using the sewing machine says, ‘The machine needle’s broke, we haven’t got a spare, let me try in Morrisons’ and she quickly makes her way to the nearby superstore. A short while later she arrives back and another member of the group says, ‘We’re back in business. Hurrah! The sewing machine needle has been found. Thank you so much’!

There’s also a real sense of pride in what they have achieved, ‘I may make a top out of this (pointing to a spare piece of fabric)…no I want it for the exhibition’  and then they all collaborate and put together an impromptu exhibition and invite  staff from the Centre to see what has been produced.

The talk is of wanting to continue with more workshops, of wanting to hire the room and sell what they produce to pay for the room and even pitching their idea to the management committee for support to keep their design and sewing project going!

st marks ladies 01