The ladies at St Marks get stuck in to colouring

St Marks ladies group 4 Feb 2014

Today was a colouring session at St Marks. The ladies took designs they had made in the first session and had fun experimenting with colour.

“I can’t get back to the colour I had after I added blue”.

“Have a play with the colours see how they bleed into one another to get a paler shade just add water”, Viv says.

They discuss with Viv what they would like to fix their designs to, “It would be lovely on top of an apron”. It is suggested that a pocket could be designed but that they get plain aprons.

Someone asks, “Are u dotty?”, “Yes I am dotty”. The group are referring to one another by the designs they have made. One of the members of the group made a design with dots.

The group appreciate sharing one another’s designs and taking turns to colour these in.

One of the ladies looks forward to taking her daughter to more exhibitions and then says it will be a treat to take her daughter to her exhibition in Sept/ Oct 2014 when the Harmony Project exhibition takes place at the Stables Gallery in Richmond!