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Croydon Young Carers - fabric
FABRIC: Gerbera: Colour Vibes


Croydon Young Carers - product
PRODUCT: “Gerbera: Colour Vibes” A collection of wire bound books, buttons and necklaces, cards and gift tags


Croydon Young Carers is a group catering for the needs of young carers in Croydon which supports them with various activities


Meeting after school, a small group of girls inspired by a bunch of long stemmed Gerberas, created this bold design.

To make their products they bravely tore the printed fabric into strips, one strip for each.  The first task was to decide where to place the product patterns to make best use of the design. Their decisions made, the girls carefully marked and cut out each piece. Then using a laminator to enclose the fabric or a hot iron to bond it the girls assembled the pieces to make wire bound books, cards, collections of buttons, necklaces and gift tags.

Always working against the clock they successfully worked through every challenge!


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