Visits to V&A

RAK group photo at V&A

Over 120 participants have taken part in this series of visits to the V&A to learn about the museum and Christopher Dresser. It has been was wonderful to be part of the experience watching groups as diverse as Kingston Young Carers and Refugee Action Kingston to members of Katherine Low Settlement in Battersea and the Forget Me Knots from Sutton.

All the groups engaged with the design and heritage focus of the project, asking questions, being bold and saying what they thought was good or bad design, sharing jokes, making new friends and getting a sense of entitlement to these rich treasures.

Some of the memorable moments included the lady who had cleaned silver for a wealthy family for most of her working life and now was able to enjoy the museum in her retirement and look on at the silverware without having to take out her cleaning materials!

The excitement and trepidation as members of various groups used the iPads the V&A gave groups to borrow as part of their visit – see the link to the results on the home page.

Young people dressing as Victorians and using the Crystal Palace building blocks to create the tallest structure possible and then watching it collapse.

And of course, Refugee Action Kingston’s group photo at the V&A which so beautifully summed up the spirit of discovery and sharing that symbolised these extraordinary series of visits!