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Castelnau Community Centre

Castelnau Community Centre - fabric
FABRIC: Dianthus and Sage


Castelnau Community Centre - product
PRODUCT: All set for tea – a collection made in a printed fabric inspired by Dianthus and Sage


Castelnau Community Centre is an intergenerational group formed especially for the project.


No one had done any drawing in a long, long time.  So it was great that this small group of adults created so many lively and inventive drawings.  Ester used the feather end of her quill with really interesting results.   Everyone became enchanted with the Chinese ink and later enjoyed adding washes and accents of colour with Chinese brushes.

The group enjoyed looking at a range of fabrics to see how different designers, including Christopher Dresser, placed or repeated a motif to build an overall pattern. This lead onto discussing what they might make from their printed fabric, and they all came up with quite different ideas.


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Castelnau Final Workshop
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