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Contact Club, Katherine Low Settlement

Contact Club - fabric
FABRIC: Bright Bouquet


Contact Club - product
PRODUCT: Large and small bags each printed with designs from “Bright Bouquet”


Contact Club is an adult group that meets on Tuesdays


When Contact Club members saw Christopher Dresser’s botanical drawings cries of “I can’t draw” rang out around the room.

But everyone so enjoyed throwing a dice and getting a feather or toothpick, cut card or spent match, or barbeque stick to draw with, they quickly got into making marks in black Chinese ink. When they were each given a flower they went into drawing like ducks to water! There was a quiet time when everyone was absorbed. Then someone started humming. Someone else started off a chain of happy memories but the drawing went on and on and on. The tables were soon covered with wonderful drawings of flowers and leaves.

Working in twos and threes the group then transformed these drawings into designs for their printed fabric. They enjoyed the cutting out, placing and sticking down, and loved the colouring in.

The group worked as a co-operative to make bags of all shapes and sizes.


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