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Family Action Wandsworth

Family Action Wandsworth - fabric
FABRIC: Chinese Lanterns


Family Action Wandsworth - product
PRODUCT: Twelve square cushions, each by chance a combination of art work by different people


Family Action Wandsworth is a group for young people in Wandsworth which meets regularly


Throwing a dice to decide which tool to use provided the group with an intriguing way into drawing. They experimented and took risks with great results. A chance to scan their plant studies onto a computer helped to drive the drawing on.

When multiple photo copies of the drawings were cut out and mixed up to create designs everyone worked on everyone else’s drawings, and then they added the colour.

Two and half meters of printed fabric were cut up into twelve squares, each square a combination of   drawings and designs made by several people. Turn by turn, the young people had a go on a sewing machine to stitch and make up a cushion. When they turned the work right side out it was pure chance as to whether or not their own drawing was on it!


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