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Forget Me Knots, Riverside Community Centre

Forget Me Knots - fabric
FABRIC: Primulas & Helebores


Forget Me Knots - product
PRODUCT: Glamorous floral silk scarves in shades of pink & blue


Forget Me Knots is a group for over 50s to socialise and meet new friends


The drawing session was just before Christmas when there were very few flowers in the garden so we chose as our inspiration potted plants – African violets, hellebores, pansies & primulas. Within an hour of all the ladies having told Viv they couldn’t draw we had a lovely range of ink drawings of the plants. To colour their drawings the group chose shades of blue & pink, the colours of the flower that inspired their name ‘forget me nots’. The ladies scanned their finished artwork into the computer & Viv arranged it into scarf designs which were printed on silk.

The ladies took to the fine stitching needed for the rolled hems to finish the scarves in style.


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