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Kingston Young Carers

KIngston Young Carers - fabric
FABRIC: Kaleidoscope


Kingston Young Carers - product
PRODUCT: Kaleidoscopic juggling balls, cuddly toys & cushions


Kingston Young Carers is a group catering for the needs of young carers in Kingston which meets regularly.


The inspiration for the fabric design came from Christopher Dresser’s use of symmetry in his designs. The group used kaleidoscopes and flowers to produce designs made up of multiple reflections of flowers & leaves in every colour. The group worked with photography & drawing to produce their beautiful designs. They extended their work to a more personal level to draw designs for cuddly toys.


Kingston Young Carers – activity and workshops (blog)

Kingston Young Carers final workshop
Taking inspiration from nature in the style of Christopher Dresser
Kingston Young Carers visit to V&A
Kingston Young Carers Introductory Workshop