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Refugee Action Kingston

Refugee Action Group - fabric
FABRIC: Fiesta


Refugee Action Kingston - product
PRODUCT: Library of vibrant notebooks with matching pencil cases & key fobs


Refugee Action Kingston is a group providing advice and support to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in and around Kingston


The beautiful plant drawings created by this group were both varied in style and colour.

As Viv unrolled the fabric at first there was silence. Then as the group recognised their own work in the printed fabric their faces broke into smiles. Then they lent forward and began pointing out their work to their friends and stood up to inspect the fabric more closely. There were many questions about the process and costs of printing the cloth.

Most of the group could already sew competently so there was great enthusiasm for making up their products.

The diversity of the cultural backgrounds of this group lead to a riot of colour & exuberance in the artwork produced. The designs ranged from tiny floral sprigs & bold sunflowers to free joyful explosions of colour. The designs all came together to produce unique designs for book covers & pencil cases.


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