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The Mulberry Centre

The Mulberry Centre - fabric
FABRIC: Primula: Deconstructed and Reconstructed


The Mulberry Centre - product
PRODUCT: Book covers, a spectacle case and several cushions made in a printed fabric inspired by Primula


The Mulberry Centre is a group supporting people affected by a diagnosis of cancer


The group was shocked when they were asked to pull a Primula apart. But as they examined the parts and placed them on sheet of paper, they began to see links with Christopher Dresser’s botanical drawings. For the record they took some photographs.

They were amazed at the tools they were expected to draw with! In the hands of different people these resulted in some very bold drawings and much more delicate explorations. How could these possibly work together?

When the group looked at the designs on the table they realised that the photographs of the laid out plant parts had led them into creating designs which were surprisingly different and more interesting than the pots of Primulas they had first seen. In contrast to the tightly clustered leaves and flowers their designs had room to breathe.

They decided to title our fabric PRIMULA: Deconstructed and Reconstructed.  (“Just like us”, someone commented!)


The Mulberry Centre – activity and workshops (blog)

Mulberry Centre’s 4th and final workshop
Mulberry Centre workshop – seeing links with Dresser’s botanical drawings