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Person Centered Care for You

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Our absolute priority is to ensure that every individual receives the very highest standards of care. To do this we ensure that our care is focused on each individual. Because each person’s needs are different, in terms of medical, physical, emotional and even social aspects, we provide a person centered care  that is  tailored ensuring you can trust us to care from that very first step.

Person Centred Care

 Our care approach is both personalised and collaborative, We emphasise more on  dignity, competence, communication, courage and commitment, compassion and respect, coordination and personalisation.

We work collaboratively with other health and social care professionals such as District Nurses, Social Workers, GPs, Occupational Therapists, etc and together with people, to tailor services that support what matters to them.


Live-in care involves the presence of a well-trained caregiver who resides in your own home. This arrangement ensures that you have constant support from a skilled professional who can cater to your specific needs, ensuring your comfort and independence within the familiar surroundings of your home. In addition to offering practical and physical care, your live-in carer will also serve as a valuable companion, providing emotional support during your time together.

Complex Care

Complex care refers to specialized healthcare and assistance provided to individuals with chronic or enduring health conditions, requiring additional support to effectively cope with their symptoms and daily activities. This type of care is particularly beneficial for those with neurological disorders, disabilities, injuries, and, in certain cases, individuals who rely on feeding tubes. Some of the conditions Harmony Projects  can support with are: Stroke, Gastrostomy Care, Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Tracheostomy Care, Peg Feeding, Parkinsons, Huntington's, Catheter, Bowel.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care offers comprehensive support to address the symptoms of your condition, focusing on your overall well-being. It aims to enhance your quality of life by providing physical and emotional assistance in the comfort of your own home.


Harmony Projects Palliative care at home allows you to stay in the place you feel most comfortable, surrounded by memories and the people you love. Our team consists of experienced specialists who are prepared to provide support through compassionate caregivers trained in end-of-life care. They are equipped to offer specialized assistance and symptom relief for serious illnesses whenever it is required.

Supported Living

Supported Living, involves a range of services  designed to help individuals with disabilities and their families. The goal is to support disabled citizens in attaining or maintaining their independence and interdependence in their local communities. Personal care and support are provided for individuals with learning disabilities, either in supported living accommodations or in their own homes. Harmony Projects adopts Positive Behaviour Support, which prioritizes person-centered values and involves all relevant stakeholders in developing individualized support. The organization believes that individuals with learning disabilities and challenging behavior should be empowered to live as independently as possible. This includes the right to make choices about their living arrangements, how they spend their time, and who they spend time with.

Domestic Care

Domestic care specifically focuses on the management of household tasks and responsibilities. It involves assistance with activities related to maintaining a clean, organized, and functional home environment. Domestic care services typically include tasks like cleaning, laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, and general household chores. Domestic care concentrates on managing the household and maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Home Care Support

Home care support refers to a range of services provided to individuals in their own homes to assist with their daily activities and promote their overall well-being. It is designed to help people maintain their independence and improve their quality of life, particularly for those who may have difficulty performing tasks on their own due to age, illness, disability, or recovery from an injury. Home care support can include various types of assistance such as personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming), medication management, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, transportation, and monitoring of health conditions.

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